sharing circle

Since it's been awhile, and I'm entertaining myself on a night where i should be working but would rather screw around - here's a few real (but mostly not significant) details about me when Lune isn't involved - just me, just for fun.

I burnt my hand this exact time last year on a light bulb from a vintage clip lamp I had in eggie. I still have a scar (you can see it above) and it gets darker when I tan. I am a horrible healer.

I like making dumb jokes that I think a lot of people don't get, but I also don't always get other peoples jokes right away. Sometimes I think my sarcasm isn't clear, and things I mean as a joke just come out wrong. Sorry. It's chronic.

I wear an elastic on my wrist all the time, and try not to use it - but just in case...I feel super unprepared for life if I don't have an elastic. I also feel very uncool when there's a pic of me looking put together...except for that stupid elastic!

The only color of nail polish i like is black. I wore it for almost a year every single day and always had chipped nails, and now i just don't want to wear any at all. so i don't.

I hate cooking, hearing about cooking, thinking about what to cook, or pretty much anything to do with food. If i could never think about what to eat, I'd be happy. I really don't care. So that's why once a week we get hot & ready cheap pizza - good enough.

I have a dirty sense of humor, and pretty much everything I read or see is affected by it. I don't know how this happened. It's really inappropriate sometimes. It's happening with this picture right now ...

I'm 31, but I still worry that my mom will read my blog and give me the sharp eyebrow or tell me I shouldn't have written something. sigh...I don't think she reads the blog anyway.

My favorite on tv is family guy, the walking dead, parks & rec, the office, 30 rock, oddities & mad men. I loved LOST and still miss it.

When I was 13 I fell in love with a character from a book. I can't remember the book, but it was one of those cheesy horror teen novels - and he was the comic character, not supposed to be the heart throb. I also liked Corey Feldman in Goonies, and Keffer Sutherland in Lost Boys. Embarrassingly, I also crushed on Rob Lowe in the made for tv Steven King mini series of The Stand. I also believed that that movie was kind of based on a true prophecy and that 1996 was the end of the world.

I talk with my husband about our zombie Apocalypse plan pretty seriously. I was happy to discover that Cara also has one - mine involves a bike, but we both agree to go north. But since that seems to be a popular theory - north might be too heat score. Now I question our well laid plans...

Sometimes I want to join a weird religion just for fun. Like, Scientology. It sounds like it's about science...but it's not. It's about self help but it's REALLY about ghosts of aliens invading our caveman ancestors bodies - I learned this from south park.

I don't always finish my sentences, which is why when I blog - I do this a lot ... My mind is the land of unfinished thoughts waiting to be revisited at some point in the future.

So - will you make me feel less goofy about these random confessions and share something about yourself with me? I'll visit you too if you leave a link for me.

Peace,Love,Lune & Jill