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shop life & luke


Luke has been coming to the shop with me since he was 3 (he's now 5 1/2). In that time he's devised several ways of amusing himself, and most of them rely completely around running the shop. He's so into it and the opinion that he works for Lune, that he routinely creates handmade merchandise to display in the store. It's definitely for sale, but if he senses you're buying to humor him, he'll refuse the sale. Just ask Leigh-Ann.

This spring I bought him a big box of beads to make friendship bracelets for his friends in kindergarten. That translated to - make as many as possible to put in the showcase and sell at Lune Vintage! Yesterday I snuck these photos of him hard at work. If you look closely at the picture below, you can see some of his work on display. That sneak! See them below the gold and black bracelets on the black velvet tray.


His kindergarten teacher took me aside one day to tell me that my son regularly sets up his own "grocery store" at the opposite end of the room from the classrooms play grocery center, and convinces the kids to come to his store instead. She thought it was hilarious, and she's never seen a kid do that before in all her years teaching K. I thought maybe I should take his offer to work for Lune seriously, before he becomes my competition....

stay cool

black crystals winner!