stay cool

Now that summer is really truly here, we're loving all the time we can spend outdoors. Every second is precious around here, since summers in Manitoba usually only really get going around the end of June, and cool off early September. Right now though, it's getting pretty scorching. Not to bore you with the details of me being really into watching the weather channel - but the start of the Fringe Festival (first day this Wednesday) is going to be hot hot hot hot hot!!! I'm preparing myself for sitting on the pavement with eggie in that roasting insanity (it's going to be as hot as 35 C or 95 F).

That means, sun shades, straw hats, sunscreen, cold water (thankfully eggie has a fridge), fans and breezy dresses. I might also dump a bucket of ice water over my head at some point.

Do you have any stay cool tips for me (please)?

love Jill