Today I had a reason to celebrate. I haven't mentioned it yet, but I'm working HARD to loose all the baby weight I packed on during the winter with Eve (I managed to gain over 50 lbs if you can believe that's possible!). It's going really well - I've lost a total of 20 lbs from the day I came home from the hospital until today - 3 months. Yay! I have 30 more to go, but with almost half of it gone I'm pretty confidant I'll get there in the next few months. I'm one of those should be skinny girls who just seems to gain weight super easily - the second I'm not dieting I chub up. Mostly in the thighs and butt. How fun!

Things that help motivate me to keep dieting:

Buying awesome clothes that are too small for me - but I want to wear sooo much!

It is really sad to work with vintage clothes and score such perfect pieces that would work well in my own wardrobe but not be able to fit them. Tragic really. I've been keeping some favorites, namely a lot of high waisted skirts (leather and denim). Beyond anything, that's my highest motivation. A good example is this 70's leather motorcycle jacket. Yes, it is perfect - PERFECT! The lining is plum wine & there are zips all over. smells like smoke - and since I don't smoke, that bugs me. Gotta work on that. See me trying to zip it up - i can do it ... but i really shouldn't at this point...

grocery shopping with a snack agenda

I know I don't like to cook, so I have been stocking up on really easy low calorie/fat snack foods like pickles, tuna, edamame, melba toast, yogurt, apples, thin bagels, and popcorn.

diet friendly apps

Every single friggin day I track EVERYTHING I eat on the "Track It" app. It assigns numbers for food based on calorie/fat/fiber calculations. Once you're done using your allotted number for the day, that's it baby! Stop eating! haha. You get some extras each week, but I save those for cocktails & wine exclusively (which are annoyingly high in calories). I also like the website calorie count for finding information on foods that don't have nutritional info.


so I haven't actually done this yet. I have some videos. I like dancing and spicey latin beats (hahaha - everybody do that conga!) so, I want to try it out. It's also considerably hilarious - the outfits almost make me pee myself laughing. Imagine me in neon camo cargos and a halter tank. Wait...I think i saw a bag of scrunchies at the thrift shop last week with my name on it.

So, that's one of the many things I'm obsessing over right now. Are you in diet mode? Any tips or success stories? Did you gain excess weight during your pregnancy or another time of your life and are trying to get rid of it? If not - shut up i hate you.

Love Jill