fall for love lune

Every bit of summer is precious. Every butterfly on the windowsill, every bike ride, every warm night and every time the sun hits my skin. I love it. Knowing fall is just around the corner, I'm thinking about a brand new school for my Luke who's hitting grade 1, and what's in store for Lune the rest of this year and the beginning of next.

This week I've been having meetings about Love Lune and our fall/winter collection. It's been a slow burn with Love Lune, always on my mind in some capacity but never in the forefront. Maybe I felt that although I loved making a place for us in the fashion market, I didn't think it would take off enough for the brand to warrant more than a casual place in our workload.

But, as time has passed, and your feedback has grown I realise that it's so much of what I love about Lune. Curating a vintage collection will always be important to us here and that is not changing, but it's also time to take a more devoted approach to what we can create that brings together the worlds of re purposing, 1970's styling, and my love for dye work. I feel so strongly about the fall/winter collection and it's potential that I'm making permanent space for it at our local shop, and creating re-vamped website to put it into focus.

I hope you love it as much as I do, and as soon as I can, I'll show you exactly what it's all about. Just as soon as the samples return from our talented seamstress, and I get my photo shoot on.

love Lune