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instant gratification

I'm a bit obsessed with instagram at this point - and I know i'm not alone. It's so quick that you tend to take a LOT more photos of just normal situations and small things than you would if you had to go through the steps of bringing out your real camera. I love my nikon d5000 - it's nuts wonderful and i'm so glad i invested in it. But, there's still something good about the instant gratification that instagram offers. The modern day polaroid (not including the literal modern v.polaroids - which aren't so convenient considering the stupid expensive film).

Nice self portrait eh? It was a project Cara was doing for one of her fine arts classes. We all dressed up as zombies and took a family portrait in 60's garb. I used Elsies beehive tutorial, which actually worked out well with some adjustment for my extra long stupid thick hair - but i used a REALLY big loofa. The result ... might be our christmas card photo - also might be the first time i send out a christmas card.

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