Style File - A line Maxi Skirt

When people come shop at our store, they don't always come prepared to envision how vintage garments can fit into their modern wardrobe. Sure, you might think a pattern is cool, or like the shape of a piece - but will you actually wear it? Vintage is meant to be worn for more than just a costume. By styling it with a mix of modern pieces - you don't have to come off as a literal vision from a 1968 catalogue.

The high waisted, A line, maxi skirt is a classic shape from the 60's and 70's. It's meant to sit at your natural waist line, or just above it, and drapes outward in a flattering shape (wide at the bottom like an "A") down to the floor. I'm 5'7, and am wearing 3" platforms in the following photos. As you can see, it's still long. Having a hem shortened on a skirt like this is easy to do or have done for you. It won't take away from the shape of the garment, so when you're looking for one - concentrate of a pattern and fit that works for you. I believe anyone can pull this look off, from 5 feet and up.

Modernize a vintage maxi with a tank (I picked a black lace one), long pendant, bangles and platforms. It's one of the easiest shapes to wear and mix up. This butterfly one blew me away and shows how current a 40 year old garment can look.

 I could NOT pull this off while pregnant however - a waist is kind of key for this look. I'm still working on saying goodbye to that mummy tummy (if you've just started reading Lune - you have to check this out). It feels sooooo good to start wearing some of the stock we're getting in for fall.

Love Lune