roadtrip - south dakota

Today we pack our bags for a summer roadtrip to south dakota - the black hills. I'm on this trend of re-visiting childhood vacation hot spots and re-living them with my own family. Last year we drove to wisconsin and it was my

favorite roadtrip

ever. So many great spots and happy memories. I'm glad Todd and I spent that last summer with Luke before Eve Moon came along. Every second was golden.


We're staying in deadwood, visiting keystone, and all those wonderful old tourist traps that are little time capsules of a million vacations past. We're riding a steam train through the mountains and exploring caves (although caves and I have a love hate relationship). We'll be eating roadside food, stopping at every antique mall I can spot, and documenting the whole damn thing with my GOOD CAMERA.

Wish us luck! We may need it with a 3 month old and a 5 year old in tow. I'll still be blogging from the road, so if you have any tips on good places to visit - leave me a comment.

See ya on the flip side...of a long ass drive.

love Jill