shopping trip

Recently I decided to move our online shop from shopify to big cartel. So far, I really enjoy its possibilities and especially enjoy not paying ridiculous shop fees on each sale. It has great creative control, and even the most basic package gives you analytics information that's helpful in knowing which products are the most popular. The one aspect of it that I don't love is the lack of exposure your shop receives (other than through your own readership) as compared to an etsy shop where you have the benifit of their search engine. So I decided to take a little big cartel vintage shopping trip - and here's just one of the shops I found.

Pulp Vintage

Browsing through the Pulp Vintage shop is like watching film clips. Shops like this are such a treat - and I was totally blown away by the effort Pulp takes to imbue each item they sell with a back story and personality. Categories such as Hippy Hippy Shake and Witch Sisters were fun to browse, and price points were very affordable. Visit the Pulp blog for more on what they do and info on their upcoming website - we think they're cool.

Do you know a wicked online shop that deserves the spotlight? Leave a link in the comments for us to check them out too!

Love Lune