The Times, They are a Changin

Hey there. Today I want to tell you about changes coming this fall for Lune Vintage. Well, changes in general really. Let me preface this by mentioning that I've always known I would not put strict restrictions on myself for how to run Lune. Meaning, I can only see myself being devoted if it meant that it could continue to live harmoniously with the time I need to spend with family, friends, travel and whatever side projects I need to do to grow as a person.

Sometimes in business, when you feel like something isn't working - it's time to stop, carefully re-evaluate and change the game plan. The same plan won't work forever because life is ever growing. That's OK with me. I don't want to live a life of monotony - for better or worse. snore! Even the most ideal situation gets boring when it goes on and on and on without variation.

Since Eve Moon was born, our lives have changed again. Mind you, not too much. I've discovered that it's much less stressful the second time around. Her being the most easy going baby I've ever met helps too, I'm sure. Luke is going into Grade One. With her by my side all day, and delivering Luke to and from school 3 times a day (he'll be coming home for lunch) it will mean lots of breaks in the day and a much more flexible work schedule for Lune.

This summer while we spent a month away from the shop, I re-evaluated how I was managing my time at Lune. I love having our shop - it's a home away from home, where it's all about Lune and I can focus completely on what needs to be done. Knowing that I only have a certain number of hours in a week to devote has made me break down my priorities so everything can get done that I need to. Day time and weekend hours are in high demand around here more often than not - so that means the more unconventional hours are my chance to make the magic happen.

It is my intention to fully stock the web shop bi-monthly with vintage merchandise for both local and international shoppers. I'm excited to fully make the transition starting this month, including the current re-vamp and expansion of the Lune Vintage online shop. Local shoppers, don't hesitate to email me at to schedule a pick up of something you see online, or ask us if we have something in stock that you're searching for. Lune's collection is big, and ever changing.

Blogging here will go on a usual (almost daily) because, I've grown to be quite fond of our little place here on the internet. Never feels like work - and I can do it at 3am if need be. Plus, hearing from readers near (like friends i don't see much) and far (in places I may never visit in my lifetime) is a pretty valuable opportunity. Thanks a million for reading ;-D

Love Jill