Giveaway - Lune Vintage Gift Code

Thanks to all who entered our giveaway for a $20 Lune Vintage online shop gift code. Reading your thoughts on what you're looking forward to for fall made me feel really great about the upcoming season. I saw the first few leaves fall today actually, and we picked little acorns from under an oak tree at the park to make woodland people out of (a project for Luke and I tomorrow). Oh, I remember something that sucks about late summer/early fall. Wasps. I hate you wasps! Get away from my baby!!!

So, back to the point - the winner is annon. Amanda! Look for your gift code in your inbox this evening! Happy shopping!

AND...thank you for the great response to our first update! You've definitely made me feel like this was a good choice for us, and another update is in the works already. If you haven't visited yet - check out the Lune Vintage Online Shop.

Love Lune