it's all about lookin fine

Let it be said, for the record, that I am highly unphotogenic, and have learned a great deal in the past couple years on how to hide it. My self portrait repertoire consists of a couple looks: crazy and over exaggerated, stoned/half asleep, and totally awkward. To make my point, a couple out-takes. Guess which one I pulled out of the bag for these ones.

Yep. I'm also a master of one eye closed more than the other. Guess I wasn't using that one as much. You'd think after 31 years I'd have figured this shit out.

Here are my tricks for taking a nicer self portrait.

1. Use a tripod and a remote if you don't have a photographer boyfriend or husband handy.
2. Prop a mirror up behind the camera so you can see if your face looks f'd up.
3. Make your eyes crazy person wide, then take it down a notch. That should be just about right on film.
4. Shoulders Back! Chin Up! or...shoulders hunched, sharp neck tilt. Whatever floats your boat.
5. Take no less than 50 pictures of the same outfit, because you're really gonna love sorting through and deleting a million bunk pictures of yourself a year later. what I'm doing this morning. Yay!!!

Do you have any self photo tips? What do you do to make it work?

Love Lune