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Fall time - it's so beautiful. All the leaves are turning fiery colors of yellow, orange and red. I love the rivers in this city. Me, Todd, Luke and Eve are spending a lot of time taking walks and riding bikes to get as much fresh air in before it gets cold again.

Let me tell you, it gets cold here in winter. Real cold. It gets so cold that your eyelashes freeze on a windy day walking down the street. So cold that your ears and tip of your nose can get frost bite, and that there are days where you're not recommended to be outside for more than 5 minutes with exposed skin (-35 C / -31 F). We have something called "wind chill" and it can make it feel considerably colder than it really is. Some years we don't have many days like that - but it's always uncomfortable.

It's no Siberia, but some days - I wonder what the hell are we living here for? Then, spring, summer and fall come and it's such a beautiful place to live. It's just those damn winters! That's the Canadian prairies.

I was looking over Lune's traffic feed yesterday and noticed that our readership comes from many different countries all over the world. Most of our readership is outside of Canada, and a good portion lives outside North America. This means you may not have had our number one cocktail - the Ceaser. That is a true shame. So I plan on doing a very valuable tutorial on that subject very soon. I feel it is my responsibility as a true Canadian. Clearly, I take my responsibilities very seriously.

Have a great day,