style tip: Pick a Necklace

When styling models, mannequins and pulling together an outfit for myself, I have a few styling rules that I (almost) never break. One of these rule sets is on how to choose the right necklace for an outfit. These tips make it easy to see when and why you should pull out your extra long necklaces, stay simple with a delicate short piece, or go somewhere in the middle.

I like to use short, delicate necklaces in outfits where the neckline shows a bit of collar bone, but not much chest. They are perfect for outfits with buttons, or a lot of detail in pattern like the one in this photo. When your pattern is bold, let it do the talking and keep the jewelry simple, like this delicate vintage initial "E" necklace.

Short necklaces have fallen out of fashion recently, and many of us have simple vintage peices passed down to us just sitting away in a jewelry box. Pull one out with the right outfit, and I promise, you'll love it all over again.

Medium length necklaces do the job when you're wearing a scoop or V neck that has a simple pattern or solid color. It helps extend the neckline down, balancing the focus so there isn't too much blank space in the torso area. Wearing a combination of short and medium looks great for deep V necklines because it fills in the chest area with extra intererst, and gives a casual t-shirt a finished look.

 A perfect medium length sits just under the bust. This is an easy style of necklace to find, because it's enjoying popularity as an easy to wear length for most outfits.

Long necklaces sit approximately just above or at your belly button. They're a very helpful style item when wearing a garment that has a very high neckline. The chain creates a visual line downward to balance the body's canvas. Meaning, it's not all hair, face, necklace at the top and then a long space of fabric.
To create a long necklace like this, you can use two chains of the same size and color, and link them together to form an ultra long one. Over sized pendants work best for this kind of statement necklace, and you can't go wrong with a round medallion.
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