support vintage online

I feel passionate about collecting vintage. It's not just about finding original, cool stuff. It's about saving valuable, wearable and historic pieces from landfills and destruction. The popularity of it's collection, from obviously rare eras to more current 80's and 90's iconic items, is a trend that I hope will remain for a long time. It's sustainable, fashionable, economical and responsible to shop for, live with and wear vintage!

In support of this growing movement - I'm pulling together a Support Vintage Online link list in Lune's sidebar. It's free to submit your link, and open to everyone with an online shop selling vintage fashion, housewares, records, books, etc. Each month I'll post up to 15 new links for readers to check out.

To submit your link - just leave a comment in this post with the shop name and it's linked location. Please only submit links to shops of which you are the owner (but feel free to pass on the message to those who you think would be interrested in joining). This post will also be linked to and available to view and comment on in the Support Vintage Online list. So, feel free to keep submitting your links!

For the Love of Vintage,