behind the screen

 This weekend was so beautiful. Guess what? We spent most of it indoors. Both Luke and Eve had fevers. Luke missed a birthday party because of it. Eve was a fussy baby which is really rare. Fussy for her isn't that bad so I can't really complain. Just, felt like a waste of a weekend. On the up side, Todd and I finally got a date night and saw Contagion which ended up being GREAT timing for my kids to be all rashy and feverful...

I spent some time in the evening tonight mapping out the blog for the rest of the year. It's weird because I've never really done this before. I've done it for the shop a million times it seems. So many notebooks. When I look back at them, I'm pretty happy with how much I actually accomplished and followed through with.

I guess, it's all about time. I tend to fill my list with so many to-do's. I'm just one person and I have two little people depending on me to provide them with my attention and care. So, over the past 5 years I've slowly taught myself to pick the most important things off the Lune list, and focus on those. I know I'll never be wildly successful this way, but I'm ok with that. I'm thankful for the support and attention Lune has received in the past few years. I'm so happy to continue to feel inspired and fulfilled with what I'm doing here. A slow build and a healthy family life is just right in my opinion.

Something I did finish off the end of last week (felt good) a new Lune tutorial being featured on Prudent Baby. I made it for Eve's Nursery - and am excited to show you when it's published on PB. I've also booked a shoot for another Lune Vintage shop update. This one has some really beautiful 70's late fall/winter coats and sweaters. We're shooting mid week and the update will be ready by the end of the week. This also includes bags, which I've been hoarding in preparation for opening the accessories section of the website.  

Looking forward to a new week, healthy kids, and getting some important things done!

Love Jill