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Motts Clamato Juice (or Clam Tomato Cocktail)
Lemon Wedge
Rimming / Celery Salt
 1 1/2 oz vodka
       2 dashes Tabasco sauce
       4 dashes Worcestershire sauce    
Optional Garnish : celery stalk, green olives, banana pepper, halved pickle

 Who knew the juice of a clam and tomatos could be so tasty? To commemorate the opening of a new restaurant in 1969, the Calgary Westin Hotel sponsored a contest to develop a new cocktail. Up to the challenge, bartender Walter Chell spent months perfecting the combination of tomato juice, clam nectar, lime, worcestershire sauce, celery salt and vodka to win the contest. Not long after, the Motts company worked with Chell to release what is now sold as Clamato juice. It is now considered the national cocktail of Canada.

Although you can buy Clamato pretty much anywhere that sells milk in Canada, it's not available as easily in other parts of the world. That's ok. You can buy dry packs of mix like this one and have a Canadian cocktail anytime, anywhere.

PS. Yes it's a little like a bloody mary - but about 100% better in my opinion! Try it!

Cheers, Jill