☮concrete sea

I heard some music being played today
I heard a song but the words were wrong
It didn't matter to me anyway
Some people really don't care what they say

I started looking to the sky today
'Cause it's so big and it's so far away
I've got too many things inside my head
I wish that I could be up there instead

Then I looked into the ocean blue
'Cause It's so deep and It's so quiet too
There's just too many people everywhere
I wish that I was down there

I heard a story being told today,
about a man and how he got away
You got to leave the things you grow up for
So turn your head and start to swim for shore

No one was meant to be
Living here in a concrete sea
Everyone including me
Wishes he could be set free

Terry Jacks, Concrete Sea

 photo one, two