what's going on - mid october

Last night we were in shop again photographing, measuring and creating listings for tomorrows accessory update in the webshop. There is a lot of vintage leather, including this unreal Italian Leather bag with fringes, colored brass metal handles and loads of little stitched leather rounds. Honesty... it's insanely beautiful.

I haven't done a thrift thursday for a long time. I think it had it's run. I'm not great with maintaining blogging themes, but that one had over a year long run (pats self on back). Although TT is retiring on lune, if you want to see real time thrift pics of what I'm finding and passing up - follow Lune on twitter HERE to see Lune's ongoing instagrams.

 This morning I'm editing and uploading images for the bags and belts update. There are a lot of huge wonderful projects starting this month, some changes, and some brand new ideas for Lune. I feel a little overwhelmed right now, but busy has always been good - as long as it's the right kind of busy.