world view

So. What's up with me ... Well, today I cleaned my closet to give myself some "off" time. I donated a good 90% of what I own, and pulled some vintage that I kept for myself but haven't worn enough to warrant it. It feels good to do this, because I know when I let clothes I don't love start to pile up, I end up wearing them anyway because it's easier. If they aren't there to grab, then slouchy grey t-shirt with dye stains number 5 really isn't an option, is it? All the cleaning is also because of Fall cleaning, which happens to me instead of Spring cleaning. I know I'm going to be stuck inside for quite a few months (it might snow tomorrow) so I try make it easier on us by getting grid of the extra "stuff".

Anyway - this was such a blah post. No one's A game all the time right?
Watch this rad video and be impressed by this guy.
I need a vacation.