zombie apocalypse


Todd and I are fans of horror movies - more so the pre 1985 kind. I love the social commentary more than anything, but there's something so great about sitting down to watch a good vintage horror flick. Zombies take the cake. Last year, I showed Luke a video of the prior years zombie walk in Winnipeg and asked him if he wanted to go with us. He decided, no, even though his cousin was going, he was too scared. I didn't blame him, but we make it a point to always give him choices when we can, within reason. Meaning, we would never allow him to watch age inappropriate movies or video games that he's not ready to consume with an objective mind. We've had several discussions about zombies and felt like he understood the concept enough to have fun with dressing up as one and checking out the "walk" firsthand.

This year, he was super excited. So we dressed him and his cousin up and took them out while the full moon rose for a night of walking with the dead. He does a pretty good zombie walk. There were some wicked bad ass zombie costumes, but I'm not so great at low light photography - that and trying to keep my hand on him at all times was challenging. Everyone was very good natured and proved that we can all dress up like psycho's and remain very civilized.

 It was a fun night.  We stayed only a short while and left for doughnuts and hot chocolate before he got tired out, and it wasn't too late of a bedtime. Didn't we look pretty?