♥ filled work

November is a busy month, I'm not kidding. Last night I shot another update, this time a winter formal for Lune Vintage. Some sparkle and shimmer was a welcome departure, it was a bit of dress up, but December is the perfect time for it. Today I'll start editing the photos in the afternoon and will probably have a hard time not sharing some favorites, so you'll see them here later today.

So, what's really on my mind is that I'm working in collaboration with LA and Kyla Roma on a huge project I feel very passionate about, which will be announced very soon, on December 1st (my birthday). This year has brought intense perspective & change to my life, and it's been so valuable to reference it. Although my days have gotten noteably fuller (didn't think that was possible), it has also been one of the most productive times of my life.

When Lune took root, I was in my early 20's and just married with far away thoughts of starting a family. I had no idea what it would take to hold on to my dreams ten years later. Every month I get a handful of emails from women who have a business dream but feel that mix of fear, guilt and intimidation that most mothers get when they know that for their goals to be met, it will mean sacrifice in another area of their lives. That doubt stalls them, and with good reason. Financial stress, time limits, and overall logistics of running an independent business is drastically more complicated when you also hold the prestigious title of "Mommy".

I am happy to tell you with certainty that if you want it - you can make it happen. You can definitely make your creative independent business work for your lifestyle, your timeline, your financial situation and your family. It may not be typical, but who want's to be just like everyone else anyway? 

Out of everything that I'm working on to bring to this new collaboration, this is my greatest motivation.

And with that, and not being too much of a spoiler ... it's back to work while baby naps.