Today I'm flying solo for most of the day to get some work done at the studio. First off, a photo shoot with Alexis for the website. I in took some major vintage, including vintage caftans, pesant dresses, and beautiful maxi dresses. Later on in the day, I have a meeting with my friends and studio mates at Freckled Nest on a big project we're working very hard on together. More about that very soon. It's going to be nice to get down to work without having to get up every few minutes to wipe up baby puke or change a diaper. So is my life.

Here are a few instagrams from last month.
Thrift therapy, Our halloween, Brewed rootbeer, Vintage bells gifted from My Girl Thursday, 4 little pumpkins, Loom beading (a new hobby), and Eve Moon clean after a bath.

I'm off to have a productive day!