shop update - tuesday

Is this sad face of my teething Eve (two teeth!) justification enough of why Lune's update is running late? No? Well, I tried to not be late - but of course that measuring gets me every time! Usually, it involves bringing Eve in with me to the studio to play and hopefully nap. The past week or so she's having a hard time keeping her usually sunny disposition with one top and one bottom tooth coming through. I didn't have the heart to drag her. The evening? Yeah. That's full of making supper, reading homework, shipping, banking, baths, and here I am now.

The full update is actually on the site now - but all new items are marked coming soon until tomorrow afternoon when little miss toothache and I will be inputting the size details of each garment. If you'd like to see what's new - you can see it all HERE.

Thank you for the great response to this months update! It's very encouraging. It's nice to know that people notice when you're late - thank you for looking.