Spellbound ❖ Bethany Bonds Dreamer

Bethany Bond Photographic Artist  - Transcend

 Photographic Artist, Bethany Bond sent me link to the spellbinding dreamer she created based on Lune's Dreamer Tutorial HERE. She used found blue jay feathers and butterfly wings to embellish her design. I really enjoy the effect of her 8 pointed star string pattern.

After visiting her portfolio, I asked to share some of her collection with Lune readers. It truly is spellbinding imagery. Above are images from Transcend. Visit bethanybond.com to enjoy more of her work.

 It is endlessly exciting for me to receive these links and photos of how Lunes tutorial has been used to create each individual dreamer. Every single one has been so beautiful, from simple to intricate, natural toned to colorful. If you've created a dreamer or something special from any other Lune tutorial - please share it with me at lunevintage@gmail.com. It really makes my day, and I love to share them here too. I'm compiling a post of all the photos I've received over the year and creating a celebratory post for 2011. One idea - multiplies. It's a very rewarding experience.