Christi Jay is a passionate designer, and blogger who's work I've been following this year and have been loving every moment! I admire artists who have the ability to beautifully paint and illustrate their designs, and Christi Jay is clearly one of those individuals. Her jewelery, garments, paintings, collage and stitchery are spellbinding. I asked her to share a bit of her world here on Lune. Meet the wildy talented Christi Jay!

Welcome to my studio! I'm a jewelry designer, clothing maker, and artist that loves bright colors and soul music. I use old fashioned techniques like macrame, knitting, and embroidery passed down from my mother and grandmother, but try to re-interpret them in a modern light. I'm naturally drawn to what stands out, always searching for materials -new and salvaged- that draw the eye.  Above all else, comfort is most important so I create jewelry that makes a strong visual impact while remaining lightweight, flexible, and easy to wear.

The process starts with the materials, I'll dig through piles of scrap leather to source pieces with a soft hand and beautiful finish. The supplies used are limited and that means that each piece is one-of or a-few-of a kind. After finding materials the fun begins - cutting things up, playing with embellishments, seeing how the elements will work together. Drawing is also a big part of the process, it helps me visualize how the jewelry will relate to the forms of the body. For more jewelry and clothing check out the Christi Jay Store and for more of my inspiration and process head to my blog Sleepy Darlings!

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