Living Christmas trees are a great option for decorating during the holidays. They solve many issues, including falling needles (bad for pets and little children who love to eat things off the ground), disposing of the tree after the holiday is done, and will contribute to the health and green space of your neighborhood in the spring. I bought a little 3 foot pine this year and decorated it with glass pine cone ornaments, and put it on a small table so it was out of Eve's reach. Would you like to hear about how to plan for, and plant your living Christmas tree? Check this video out HERE.

It probably isn't a huge shock to you, but I find peace in natural simplicity, and decorating for the holidays is no exception to that rule. I donated almost all of my ornaments a few years ago, and what I keep from year to year fits in a small bin. All the rest is organic or recyclable. This year we didn't hang lights and honestly, I don't miss it. But I have lit cinnamon and vanilla candles every night so we have that beautiful warm glow that's so welcome this cold time of year.

What are your favorite simple Christmas traditions? I think I've thought of an idea on how to eliminate wrapping totally this year that'll be really fun - but that deserves a diy post this weekend. Simple Christmas = chill happiness had by all. - Lune