LUNE IN 2011: a re-cap

It's the last day of the year, and it seems appropriate to spend some of it reflecting on what this past 365 days brought into and out of our lives. 2011 was a good year, full of growth, change and discovery. Here's a little run down of what went on for Lune in 2011.

January 2011 was the first full month for Lune Vintage on Broadway. The period from January until September allowed Lune to connect with our local community again. It was something I was really missing after leaving our old shop on south Osborne. This time though, it shocked me to meet many blog readers who knew so much about Lune already. I had so much fun physically creating displays and helping customers find the perfect piece. We got to contribute some pieces for our favorite local fashion mag Sandbox and a collection of other local fashion projects. It was a time when I needed to be surrounded completely by Lune, and helped me remember what I love the most about it.

Late winter we introduced Love Lune's first collection, the Lune Ojo De Dios amulet. It was a continuation of my love of textiles in jewelry design. The collection included 3 elements, Earth, Air, Fire and Water, along with a selection of tasseled earrings & pendants. We sold this design locally, through our etsy shop and via our friends at Red Velvet. If you missed it, they are available in 




over at RV.

I created a tutorial on how to make a

Doily Dream Catcher

, which has received about 42,000 visits since it was written and been featured on numerous blogs including Etsy's How To Tuesday. The best part of it all was the photos, tweets, instagrams and emails I've received from readers showing and telling me how much they enjoyed making this craft. The results are so individual and beautiful, I can see such personality in each one. Affecting the creative life and peace of a person I've never met is definitely a huge motivation for me to continue blogging original content for Lune. Thank you so much for inspiring me to share in the best way I can here on Lune.

Our beautiful daughter Eve Moon was born on Mothers Day, May 9th. I had fears about having a daughter after having a son for more than 5 years. Turns out, there was nothing to worry about. The happiness she brings into our family is more valuable than words can say. Waking up to her morning smiles has made every single day bright. Seeing Luke as a big brother makes me feel so content that we did the right thing by deciding on just one more.

Love Lune's second collection for 2011 was our Weeping Moon fringed T. This design is still available


. Along with this, I continued with our line of Love Lune dyed slip dresses and went a more stormy direction of cobalt and steel blues, deep purples and deep earth colors (a small selection can be seen



Eggie spent a second summer going mobile for the Lune Vintage shop. Our biggest sale, the

Winnipeg Fringe Festival

, lasted 11 days. It was the hottest, driest summer I've seen in years and I was still feeling some post-pregnancy fatigue. It ended up being a great sale and fully funded our trip to the Black Hills a couple weeks later.

Our first road trip as a family of 4 went off without a hitch. I had been down South Dakota way years back when I was a teen. The scenery was breathtaking and started a resolve to spend more time exploring natural habitats up close and personal. I loved our trip to Wisconsin in 2010, but this one was even better. We also spent a beautiful weekend in Kenora and a night at my favorite vintage beach house. There's a reason why summer is my favorite season. Read more about our past travels in the


 collection of posts.

I returned home in September and took a long look at my goals for Lune Vintage, what was working very well, what was OK, and what was lacking. It was a difficult decision to transition the shop to be exclusively online and develop the retail space into a studio, but I'm so glad I did so. In the end, there wasn't the time to passionately pursue the success of a retail location. I can't say if we'll go down that road again, but for now there are projects on the table that need my full devotion. Where they will take me, only time will tell.

With deciding to close the retail shop on Broadway,

Lune Online

became a larger priority. October was the first month of a brand new look. It has been such a fantastic way to offer a real edited vision of our vintage collection, that will continue to grow through the new year.

My little boy started grade one at a brand new school. He didn't know anyone in his class, but took little time to make a list of best friends. By his first report, we were told he was fitting in just fine. He continues to make me a proud momma every single day.

I got one of the funnest surprises in November when Lucky Jackson made a hand stitched portrait of me for her

365 Lucky Days

series. I had never had a portrait done of me before so I considered it a huge compliment and can't wait to see it in person. She's a real talent.

Our old house got a face lift over the course of the year, with new exotic (faux) apple wood floors, clean white and poppy seed black walls, and a whole lot of fresh drywall and plaster. My father in law pioneered the effort and gave us all such a beautiful place to rest. What a wonderful gift to give. I'll show pictures of this soon in another post.

The end of the year was spent actively planning and authoring a fresh eCourse for Indie Business called the

Indie Business : Compass

. I've taught with Indie Business for 3 years, and year 4 brings a whole new outlook with a second course to the catalogue which explores the theory behind starting a creative independent business. It has been and will be a lot of work, but is something I have always felt very passionate to share. You can check out the details on both Indie : Compass and the masterclass Indie : Northstar at


I know I missed something important, but you get the idea. It was a great year full of big changes and without it, everything would be different. That's the kind of value I like to see in a year. I hope 2012 will be just as life altering in all the right ways. I have just two more things to say before I go . . .

Thank you for supporting Lune, reading Lune, buying Lune and giving me a reason to keep pushing forward. Your emails and comments, and friendships added a lot of extra smiles to my year. Lastly, I just want to wish every single one of you a Happy New year! Peace!