It's that time of year. My little boy Luke turns 6 years old tomorrow. He's growing so fast, and his baby days seem so far away now. It makes me sad, but also excited for him. He's so proud to be getting bigger, and we're proud of how he's growing, learning, and becoming even more of an individual. There were some big changes for him this September. He started grade one at a brand new school, made all new friends, and got his first pair of glasses! Everything he took in stride, just like I knew he would.

This year is also Eve Moon's first Christmas. She's over 7 months old now, so bright and sweet. She's sitting up with ease, crawl dragging (with more knees each day) all over the house, has two sharp bottom teeth, is eating cereal puffs, pureed foods, and baby talking up a storm. Every day something new happens for her, so it's a very exciting time around here.

I hope you're experiencing happy times in your lives too as Christmas comes around. Thank you for the thoughtful personal messages and emails. I felt incredibly touched by them, and it meant a lot to me. I wish everyone a beautiful holiday and many moments of peace, filled with love. I'll be back after the celebration is through, all the wine has been drunk, the songs have been spun, treats have been had, the gifts have been opened and we've spent one entire day in our pajamas.