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MOON BABY & the gong show

eve, us, homeLune VintageComment

Oh my little moon baby. She's growing so fast. Eve Moon will be 7 months old next week. She has two front (bottom) teeth, is dragging herself all over the house with great determination, and can sit up without tipping (most of the time). She still sleeps through the night, and blows my mind with her easy going gentle nature. That morning smile starts our day off right.

Even though my kids are sweet as pie,  my life feels like a real gong show. There's always some crazy shit going on. This morning, I opened the garage door (we have a carriage house that we converted into a garage, it's . . . primitive) and SOMEONE (aka husband) leaned my bike up against it. So suddenly, my bike was hooked on the door, and was lifting up into the air, Luke screaming at me trying to get it down, Eve squirming under the other arm. Another fun time this month was when I was carrying so much stuff into the house (again with Eve on my hip) and asked Luke to carry my coffee. He made it all the way across the yard, and proceeded to trip right at the threshold and launch the entire contents of my full (but not too hot, thankfully) coffee at me and all over the landing. It was like the great coffee flood.

Yes. A gong show.

But, even though it's crazy - damn I love it! I wouldn't trade this life for anything. Being a mom is a real great trip.