In support of the Indie Business: Compass e-Course launching on January 26th, Indie Business is doing Q & A Wednesdays! Every week, each teacher answers the same business related question to showcase how individual the experiences of every entrepreneur truly are. This week we focus on what personality traits we see  reflected in the way we operate our businesses.
I am a Dreamer, The free form way I run Lune supports my tendency to constantly dream up different ways of doing things. There was a time that I felt this impulse to act on my list of new ideas was a negative, but I have come to embrace it. Because of that, I continue to have passion for my business. Taking Lune mobile two years ago is a good example of how I craft my business to suit my nature. Lune is an organic, true reflection of me as an individual.

I am Devoted. I have been through my share of trial and heartbreak with Lune. There were times when I considered hanging up my keys and taking the more trodden path. But, I am devoted by nature. When I dedicate myself to someone or something, it is near impossible to break that bond. It isn’t easy for me to form these solid connections, but when they are forged – to the end of the earth I will go! This attitude has allowed me to move forward past heartache and misstep without seemingly skipping a beat. It is what drives me to remain positive and forward thinking in my business, which turns 9 years old this winter!

The traits that best describe me, especially in business, are perceptive, determined & a little sassy. My perceptiveness means that I naturally want to explore all sides of any issues that present themselves so I can understand exactly what's happening & find a solution. I can easily see things from other people's perspectives, and can imagine how they're feeling based on their writing or how they're speaking, which makes me a good problem solver who can find solutions in hard situations- and I can usually get to the heart of the matter quickly. I really like to make sure that Freckled Nest's clients always feel heard and feel that someone understands them- and I love being one of those people.

My determined personality means that I love making plans and following through on them. Once I have an idea I want to get all the details figured out and then stick with the plan! Making decisions based on the information that's available and taking immediate action charges up my batteries and gets me excited! I'm adding sassy to the mix because I have a big personality and like making sure the people around me are having a good time. I have a nearly unshakable sense of humour and don't take myself too seriously, which I think is really helpful in making my clients feel comfortable and it makes the long days that go into having an indie business much easier to work through.

I love people and socializing but because I’m an introvert, I get shy, anxious and drained in large groups and I need retreat physically and mentally to recharge. Aware of this, I built my business model focusing on individual experiences in the online marketplace and I work from home or the office. I’ve found that one of the coolest luxuries of building your own business is that you can customize it to suit all of your strengths and adapt around your weaknesses!

Another personality trait I use in business is my keen intuition! My instincts are based upon past lessons & success and I use them to plan, design, make decisions, explore options, direct our business and determine how I treat others. I love that I have an internal compass that guides me and I nurture it by learning from everything around me and trusting my gut.


I hope you enjoyed learning a bit more about our own business journeys. Visit www.indie-business.com for more information on how the Indie Business: Compass can help kick start your business for 2012!