I love the studio at night. The warm glow of lamps, music flowing, hot coffee, streetlights sparkle through the haze of the curtain, and the time to focus on just vintage, just design, just Lune.

Last night my biggest job was photographing vintage stock for the sale in our online shop. I went through my vintage racks and realized there was a lot of great stuff in there that wasn't quite right for Lune's vibe, but defiantly still very cool. When I go for a buy, sometimes I have to purchase the whole lot to get only a few pieces that I have my heart set on. The sale is where you can find great vintage from past eras that aren't very Lune like, and also old stock from the web shop at reduced prices.

Do you follow Lune Vintage on twitter? I always tweet out new stock the moment it's listed. If you're a tweet fiend (like me) then that's a great way to be the first to know what we have to offer the moment I list it.

Today, We're going for a warm winter walk (global warming likely - it's going to be above freezing today. For Winnipeg in January, that's unheard of) and then I'm getting to work on these listings. Peace!