Well, what do you want from me? I'm a busy momma, ok? It's not easy to get much done with a couple sweet kids who need me to get them ready, feed them, drop them off, play with them, pick them up, feed them, drop them off, play with them, pick them up, feed them, and play with them again. That and getting supper ready and trying to fold some laundry so no one is wearing too tight, too loose, or too ripped pants in public, before continuing with the feeding, playing, bathing, reading and tucking into bed. Good thing they're so friggin loveable.

So, sometimes I pass on the iPod and say - LOOK AT THIS!!! And then, instead of resting, I do something for Lune. Like a crazy person. I am a crazy person. Fact. More so because it's 12:04 am and the first moment in the day I had to blog.

Any suggestions for a great baby app? Eve Moon likes one called Peek-A-Boo - guess what that's all about? Leave me a suggestion in the comments if you have one please!