A family portrait

Look at our new artwork - a beautiful, true to life family portrait. HA! I thrifted this big wood chalkboard and hung it up in our dining room (smallest dining room on earth) about two years ago. It was brilliant, because eveyone loves dust in their food, and nothing motivates a 6 year old to sit and eat his supper like a handful of chalk and an empty canvas within his reach. That's what happens when you get too influenced by design trends.

This is what resulted last night during suppertime. The funny thing is, the whole thing was started by one of the adults (not me) and ended with Luke finishing off the family portrait. I love how I look almost exactly like Theodor from Alvin & the Chipmunks. I don't know why Todd drew Luke to look like Wheels from Degrassi. The one on the far right is Teddy (he's a member of our family). Hey - now you know why I never post pictures of my husband - I don't want him getting any groupies. Especially hot, his one droopy eye . . . ah yeah!

Anyway, best family portrait ever.