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Rattled Baby, Over You

us, homeLune Vintage6 Comments

My babies love music, I think most do. It never ceases to calm, or catch their attention. Going on two years ago I spent a little extra cash than I normally would on a vintage piece, and bought a big, beautiful teak hi-fi from


in Winnipeg. Investing in vintage is something I suggest if you're furnishing a home. For the most part, they are solid, made with quality materials, and retain their value.

We get so much enjoyment from listening to records every day. Eve gets so happy - so I usually save it for her "cranky" spot in the day. Dancing provides her with exercises, and I like to think I'm giving her a good sense of rhythm. Practice for her career as a 60's inspired folk rock singer ... right?

Her favorite is the

Traveling Wilburys

. I'm pretty fond of them too. My husband introduced me to them when we were dating. Kind of weird, because we are big NOFX and Rancid fans, but also love Terry Jacks. I hope our kids will share the same diverse love for good music. You gotta have the music in your life, don't you agree?