Shine on little Moon

I'm not a fan of posed photography - so we haven't taken Eve Moon in for a professional portrait in studio. I've been there already with Luke. The stress of propping up a baby or toddler for that perfect wide eyed, grinning shot is a situation I don't want to put any of us through. But, family and friends want photos, so the other day I draped a blanket off the stereo and onto the floor, pulled over the sheepskin rug, gathered some distracting toy props and we had ourselves a baby wrangling, in house photo shoot. Here's my little moon. She's going on 10 months old.


At first I tried to do this, just her and I. It wasn't working so well, because every time I ran back to focus the camera, she'd crawl out of place. When daddy came home, we had more luck as he raced her around the house on her wheely mouse to get her giggling. The side effect, some really askew pigtails. Let's face it. That's reality - and we're all just going to have to deal with it. We're a family who understands the value of perfect imperfection.

Some of her favorite toys got featured in this glamorous editorial, mostly as distractions from her inevitable escape from the frame. Included are

Sophie the giraffe

, a chew and squeak toy originally created in Paris in 1967. Also, wheely mouse by

Wheelie Bug

, an Australian company that makes wicked cute walker/rider toys. Ignore the tigger ball - not so fancy and international. I'm not a Disney fan - and I don't know where this came from. I swear.