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Lune Vintage11 Comments

It's February, and we're officially one month in to 2012. I've spent some time thinking on it, and I've come to the conclusion that this year, my focus is going to be on what matters. What REALLY matters, deep in my heart. It's easy to get side tracked, especially when you look around at what's going on around you more often than looking at what's within. With every year, I drift further away from worrying about what others expect from me, and feel more comfortable doing what feels right. I guess, that's growing up. Or at least, it's what we hope will happen as we mature as individuals.

This thought explains the new blog layout for Lune. It's very reflective of where my motivations lie in the world of blogging. There are several reasons to start a blog, to maintain one, and to grow one. The Lune blog has been growing and changing over 3 years. Over that time, my reasons for keeping it going have changed from promotion, to sharing and teaching, and now most notably, recording. In reflection of it's body of work, my full attention is captured by stolen moments of beauty, happiness, and genuine thought. I hope those moments have resonated with you as well.

So for the new year, I plan on placing my focus on the type of blogging that steals my heart. Beautiful (as best as I can) images, good stories, moving pictures, sharing ways and reasons for being creative on a quiet afternoon, and of course, the best vintage fashion that inspires all us new century hippies.