American Pop

Last winter Todd took me to a screening of

American Pop

, an rotoscope animated film created by

Ralph Bakshi

(who was there at the screening) which follows a troubled but naturally talented family from the 1920's through to the 1980s. Full of great music and visuals, this gritty film will make you feel and give you something to think about. I saw American Pop once when we first started dating (circa '96), but honestly - I never payed too close attention to movies back then (ah, young love). This time I watched it with the perspective of a person who greatly values a look into past eras, especially from a musical point of view, loving the fashion references as well. Here's the 1981 trailer for the movie American Pop.

Rotoscope is a technique in which a live action portion of film is projected onto a surface and animated over in an effort to re-create the fluid movement of it's subject in an illustrated context. This type of animation isn't used much anymore, and I have to tell you - it really hits a note with me. Both animated films (like Heavy Metal) and tv shows (like He-man) used forms of rotoscoping. And - every so often, I daydream in rotoscope too - a slow motion jive walk down the street - sipping on a bottle of Teem.

So weird.