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This spring and summer, I'm set on doing more detailed macrame than I have in the past. Specifically, a large wall piece to hang on the towering expanse that is our stair case (old homes have such tall ceilings, it dwarfs most artwork). Secondly, a door curtain for the doorway that separates our sunporch from the master bedroom. Hand making ornate pieces like the ones in this pattern booklet from the late 60's were pretty standard crafting practice at one time. It seems like that kind of long, quiet creation isn't conducive to the way most of us live our lives now.

Dedicating myself to a huge puzzle of hands on knot work serves to push me further toward this years goal of valuing the process of creating, enjoying quiet, and being driven by what really matters most. I admit, the business woman in me is imagining a studio full of organically dyed macrame curtains and wall hangings. Here is where my ambition gets the better of me - and I have to make the choice to above it all, do this thing for me.

What about you - do you have a hard time separating business from pleasure when it comes to creative experimentation?