job's tears


Look what I picked up in a rummage bin yesterday. A beautiful vintage Job's Tears necklace. This variety of organic bead is the hard outer shell picked from a fertile female flower on a Tear Grass plant, native to Southeast Asia. The seeds natural color ranges from oyster to a muted cocoa, but it's common to see beads colored with indigo dyed shades that range from pale lavender to china blue. Often used in the creation of Rosaries (hence the biblical name), Job's Tears have been used for generations in the creation of decorative and spiritual talismans. The crackled worn finishes on this cotton threaded strand is so fragile, I've hung it safely out of reach to enjoy it far from the mouths of babies and the curiously destructive hands of a 6 year old boy, who loves to play vigorously with anything new I bring into the house.

 Spring is  great time to feel motivated to create and embrace new things, don't you think?