that big project

I mentioned that I was making big steps toward an important project this year, and although it's still a couple months away from becoming available to the public, I finally have something to show you. Visit what I'm creating here.

I consider the Lune blog to be a place where I can share some of the more personal perspectives I have toward business, hobby and life in general. So, I thought what better way to enjoy the process of building my first solo conceived eCourse than by sharing some of the behind the scenes work that goes into creating it. Nothing short of an eCourse on making eCourses. Haha. Someone will come out with that one day.

I've worked to make the public site for my new eCourse The Vintage Academy very straight forward and explanatory, so I won't repeat what you can discover there, but I will say - man, I'm so happy with how this project is coming together. It's been on the back burner of my mind for two years. I worked on it a bit here, a bit there, and made a lot of changes in the process. On our road trip to South Dakota this past summer, I spent a good part of the car ride mapping out the lesson plan and deciding what research needed to be done to get it to the point where I could be utterly confidant in what I was going to be producing.

It's scary to put yourself out there as a teacher. It's basically announcing - I am an expert on this topic and you will benefit to hear what I have to tell you. I know a lot of talented, skilled, experienced and confidant people, and almost all of them would shy away from making such a bold claim. I too have a problem with making that statement, even though I know that I have 6 solid years of real world experience as a vintage dealer, and could speak on the subject for ages.

I truly believe that opinion based on personal experience is extremely valuable in any learning arena. It's the opportunity to gain foresight into what your own future may hold when you choose to take a similar path. This is why I asked Rachel Combs of Mousevox Vintage to join me as a teacher in The Vintage Academy. Her enthusiasm and dedication for vintage fashion is obvious, and I have respected her personal style and business practices for years. Plus, she's so easy to talk to - you'll enjoy her blog if you haven't visted it before, MouseVox Vintage.

Oh boy, it looks like my casual mention has turned into a short novel - so I'll cut it short by saying, a HUGE HUGE HUGE element of The Vintage Academy fashion edition eCourse is found in reference libraries, in which I've used my skills as self taught graphic designer, collector and hobby photographer to bring to life. Cross checking references and making sure the archives are complete is such a huge undertaking - but I know this is going to be the show stopper that will make TVA shine. I'm putting my ALL into it - every skill I've developed up to this point, and the process is enriching my own understanding of vintage fashion so much.

Look for enrollment to open for The Vintage Academy September 1st, 2012!