california dreamin'


Today I scored a Hawaii made, 60's bathing suit, which is pretty rare around here. Summer time is short, usually lasting 2 solid months where it's hot enough to swim. Those 8 or 9 weeks go by real fast. Seems like we're always just leaving winter, or going back into it. I do love my city, but I've never loved the cold. Then, stuck in traffic - California Dreamin' by the Mammas & Pappas comes on. The universe is telling me something - right? It's time to travel.

I listen to am radio a lot. Of course, I have an ipod and it's packed with all the flower power we can handle, but there's something you have to love about the randomness of the radio. Plus, every so often, I remember a gem I'd totally forgotten. I've been an am radio lover ever since I was a kid. My parents weren't big music fans, and if they did turn it on during car rides, they never wanted to hear new music, so AM it was. Then, when I got my license at 16, the car I drove was a 79 Lincoln. It had white leather interior, slick automatic windows and seats, and an 8 track. In 1996, I was cruising to radio play of black hole sun and smells like teen spirit, alongside California dreamin' and crimson & clover. Nothings changed really, cause guess what? The 90's are the new 70's. It's cool, I'm alright with becoming AM radio. I always wanted to live there anyway.

I love how enthused Michelle, John & Denny look when the Hullabaloo dancers pop up. Cass doesn't seem to mind. They are pretty lmfao worthy - even by 1960's standards.