shop talk : richer, darker

Today I spent the evening photographing new stock (this is day two of that project) for the Lune Webshop makeover. I'm going in a whole new direction with the styling and vibe - and I can't get enough of it. It's a much richer look, and darker. I'm personally not a floaty, soft person - and things were getting a little too airy for my liking. It's coming together though, and with so many new pieces, I think you'll really enjoy seeing the makeover.

I make decent side money with Lune, but it's really a hobby business. At least it is in my world, which includes a house and 4 mouths to feed. Apples are close to $1 ea. It seems like everything is so much more expensive lately - maybe I'm just getting older and starting to say things like . . . a can of soup was 50 cents in my day.

Anyway, the point of mentioning that is to illustrate that running a hobby business is just as worthwhile a venture as a full time one. I think in some ways though, you need to love it even more to continue to devote time, thought, planning, and spirit when you know there's a lot of other responsibilities in your day. Sometimes I'm exhausted, and I think - really - wouldn't it just be easier to not do this? Shouldn't I consider vegging in front of the TV, reading novels, going to bed at a reasonable time? Some days, it's a very attractive alternative.

But not a day goes by without a moment of anticipation on the next project I'll undertake with Lune. Running the vintage shop, curating a collection, photographing it, describing it, designing for it, and blogging about my experiences with it. These things bring me so much creative fulfillment. I can't imagine life without them.

So, I may never be rich, or famous, or able to quit my day job - but I don't regret a single solitary second, or dollar spent doing this thing I call Lune. If it's in your heart, I encourage you to do the same, and I hope you'll find as much happiness in it as I have so far.