take off your clothes

I was contacted recently to help spread the word about Take Off Your Clothes, an event organized by The SWAP Team, a nonprofit social enterprise that has hosted large-scale clothing swaps for charity in Canadian & US cities since 2007. Take Off Your Clothes is North America's biggest clothing swap, and it's coming to Winnipeg, Canada for the first time on April 21st, 2012!  This event benefits Kids Help Phone and The Salvation Army.

Partaking in sustainable fashion is an important piece of living up to our global responsibility of consuming less, and it makes even more sense as the cost of living rises, and our budgets are stretched farther and farther (I know mine is). In the past 7 years, all that swapping has really added up:

30,264 garments swapped
37,312 garments donated to charities
67,576 garments diverted from landfills
$605,280 saved by swapping … and counting!

Read all about how you can get involved in this years swap, what is accepted, and how it works RIGHT HERE.

If you're a fellow Manitoban, I'll be working the intake booth there (noon - 1) on April 21st - so if you see me, please say hi! If you're from elsewhere, visit theswapteam.org to see upcoming events, or to start a chapter in your area.