That's my Day

Yesterday I fell into bed about midnight and realized what had gone down that day. Really, it's just a normal day. I thought maybe you might be interested to know what that looks like, and some of the other types of things I do that don't have anything to do with Lune.

I get up every morning around 7:30, get Eve up for a bottle, and get Luke all packed up for school. He stays for lunch now, because I'm back at my part time job at the school as an educational assistant. I walk him to school, give him a big kiss, and come back home.

Eve is a big eater, so she takes a few minutes to down a banana and some toast, and some baby cereal. I have my coffee and breakfast while she's snacking away at the finger food. This is a peaceful moment. Sometimes I read my flipboard, and other times I veg and watch Anderson. He's so condescending. I like it. Plus, he's so strange, I like looking at him. He's like what I imagine an alien masquerading as a human would look and sound like.

Eve and I play for a while. We listen to music and clap and dance every morning. She's crazy about it, and I love seeing her so happy. Her morning nap begins, and I have about an hour to do everything blog and email related. This is my main time to do basically anything during the week for Lune. Yesterday I photographed the jewelry update for the shop, and did a post.

When it's time for Eve to get up, I pack and drive her to my Dad's place, where he watches her for the afternoon. My job as an EA is really great. I was considering not returning and going full time with Lune, but when the time came, I really wanted something else in my life (plus, a consistent paycheck helps - feeding and clothing a family of 4 isn't cheap, no matter how thrifty you are). I've always run Lune as a hobby business, and I'm not down for the lock down dedication and extreme planning it takes to make it a full time gig. Definitely a bad fit for someone as changeable as me.

 When I returned to the school, I was told I'd need to learn how to tube feed a student who recently went from solids to direct feedings. I was a bit wary, but it turns out it's not bad at all. The facts are, she needs someone to do it, and I'm perfectly capable of caring for her in that situation, so I'm happy to do it. I don't talk about it because it's only a small part of my life, but I really love my time there. If you are looking for a part time job to help pay the bills, I'd recommend checking it out.

I stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores and found a LOT of great dresses. Some I paid more for than I would have liked to, but I can't pass up a great piece for the shop. I've been spending a lot of money buying and spending NO time selling. I'm collecting for festival season in our mobile shop, but it's getting a little crazy. I'll do an online update of some favorites really soon.

When I came home, we spent some time together hanging out in the porch, and then I got brave (after cocktail hour) and made some oven baked, stuffed chicken breast with soft garlic cheese and spinach. This is not a normal thing, but I think I might enjoy making more of an effort cooking in the future. I'll think about it.

After the kids went to bed, I worked on the update for the Lune shop, and wrote for my upcoming ecourse The Vintage Academy, AND made another post on the Lune blog with some of the photos I took earlier that day.

Todd and I watched that show about where your ancestors come from, which is kind of interesting. It seems like our days are so long, but we always end them together, and I think every night before falling asleep that no matter what the next day brings, I'll have that love. Everything else, all ambition, all interest, all intention is secondary to love.

So, that's what an average day looks like for me, more or less. If you read this whole post with no photos to pull you along, I like you alot.