While cleaning out a book shelf, I found something I didn't even know we owned. This 5th edition Cubs Guidebook from 1974 belonged to Todd's uncle when he was a cub scout, and then passed down to Todd when he was in Beavers some time in the mid 80's. It's cute to see both of their names scrawled on the pages by their child selves. It's well worn, but still complete and has a lot of fun material to give us ideas for exploring the outdoors from a child friendly perspective.

So, it's April and we're on and off with the spring days here in Winnipeg. It's the last day of spring break for Luke, who played outside with neighborhood kids so much I feel like I hardly saw him - except to make him a sandwich or fill up a juice container. We bought him a brand new bike, so that kept him very busy.

Yesterday we went to the park, saw the geese swimming in the pond, and enjoyed the sunny warm weather. We had dinner at a great vegan burger place - soooo good. I'm not vegan, but I don't eat beef or pork. Every so often I want a burger SO BAD! This place is my favorite. Next time I'll bring a camera and be that annoying "blogger" who takes photos of their food in public places. If anyone asks, I'll just say I'm a food photographer or something.

Happy April!