That's right. Our baby is one year old. This weekend we celebrated, back yard party style on the most perfect spring afternoon. Luke helped me bake and decorate the cupcakes. Eve had 3 wardrobe malfunctions and ended up in a sailor suit that was mine as a baby (she has a wardrobe full of my vintage baby clothes, thanks mom). Eve Moon was her usual happy self. Everyone had a lot of fun, and after all the rush, we had a chill evening. We're lucky to have this girl in our lives. She's one of a kind, our little moon.

This week:

  • Eve has mastered the phrase "Uh-Oh!" and is using it non-stop.
  • She has really started to walk across the room by herself.
  • She can bend down to pick something up off the floor and stand back up again.
  • Is starting to copy animal sounds, and mimic other words we practice with her.
  • Says "thissssss...." and points to show us something or "thissssss???" when she wants to know what it is.
  • My favorite, is blowing kisses!
  • And just today at supper, got the hang of using a sippy cup. This one we weren't sure she'd catch on to - and then suddenly, it wasn't a challenge. That's how it seems to happen.