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darkside of the moon

 It has been unseasonably cold and rainy out for the past two weeks, and it's starting to drive us CRAZY! After such an early spring, I guess we were in for some more strange weather, but I am so in the mood for bare legs and dresses. I feel like my jeans are stifling me to death. Eve is taking cabin fever in stride. She's probably the best tempered baby I've ever met. The girl's got it totally together. I on the other hand, have been less than sweet and at times, completely bitchy. I'm sorry world. Mostly, I'm just so busy this month, moving, finishing The Vintage Academy ecourse, getting Eggie ready for camping, and then the Fringe. Plus, regular stuff like field trips, soccor, special lunches, garage sales, and my day job. On Friday I got hit on the top of the head with a basket ball and was a second away from hulking out in frustration. I'll reign it in, I promise. Tomorrow calls for sun.


hey, June

Going Mobile (again)