keeping it simple, keeping it fun


This is what things look like around here lately. I'm in the process of moving the studio on Broadway back home, which means there is a lot of editing needing to be done. It's been so nice to have a separate space to work in and use as storage, and I'll miss that. On the other hand, I really work best from home, because I can pick up a job for 30 minutes here and there every day, instead of having to schedule a block of a few hours where I'll be away. As Eve grew older, and I took up my part time job at the school, finding those blocks of time became harder and harder. It didn't make sense to keep renting a space just for storage.


Working from home and changing the way I was photographing for Lune's online shop has simplified and made that a great venue for Lune again. I love the ease of being able to do an update at any moment, night and day, whenever time allows and the mood strikes. My dark backdrop is our living room wall, my dress form is a permanent fixture so it's always ready to go, and the antlers on the wall hang some favorite styling pieces. I have a pretty wardrobe in the sun room which is designated for web shop garments, and camera equipment. I think this basic set-up will serve me well this summer. It feels like things are working out, and I can't tell you how relieved I feel that things are about to get a lot more simple, and a lot more fun around here.