leaves & lilacs


I love when spring rolls in, and the canopy of green leaves fill in above us. We live in a century old neighboorhood, and I really appreciate how many towering trees surround our homes. From every window, there is a burst of green. The leaves rustle softly in the night to lull us to sleep, and the sweeping branches shade us from the hotest parts of summer.

The lilac trees are starting to bloom. My Nan had a lilac tree in the middle of her yard. It was a huge old thing, loaded heavily with the sweet smelling purple flowers. When we came to purchase this house, I was so happy to see that there was a large lilac tree in the back yard. The first year, we planted two more around the house, and years later, they're growing fast and full of their own blossoms. I love that smell. Its smells like warmth, spring, happiness, and a moment of peace.